Real Life Counseling, LLC strives  to help individuals find Biblical solutions and attain healing and hope through a blend of Biblical resources and psychologically integrated systems.


Real Life Counseling, LLC will help individuals, couples, families and the local church experience wholeness. Working with those who are suffering from the emotional strains of life and life-controlling issues, Real Life Counseling, LLC places a primary emphasis on Relational Development in order to help individuals achieve personal wellness, interpersonal competence, mental stability, and spiritual maturity.

Goals & Ethics

  • Knowing and loving God
  • Loving and serving others
  • Avoiding all harm toward clients and others
  • Bridging truth, healing, and agreed-upon change into peoples lives
  • Helping set people free from sin, bondage, mental disorder, and emotional distress
  • Making peace and doing justice; and assisting the church, community, and profession to grow to its full maturity.

What is Pastoral Counseling?

We provide short term counseling and long term psychotherapy through honest personal involvement and relationships. By means of genuine and authentic participation, the pastoral counselor will provide biblical guidance and concrete advice to help you with immediate practical solutions to life's problems. The goals of Pastoral Counseling are:

  • To put you in touch with your true self and God.
  • To help you understand and relate properly to self and others.
  • To give balanced attention to both moral issues and emotional/interpersonal dynamics.
  • To help improve the quality of your relationships.
  • To help you assume responsibility for yourself and make decisions to commitments courageously.
  • To facilitate growth for spiritual wisdom and strength resulting in constructive character change.
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